Senior Thesis Project - Facebook: The Next Big Pharma


        Facebook: The Next Big Pharma is my own satirical commentary on a huge issue that a lot of young adults face: Social Media Addiction. Facebook: The Next Big Pharma is a short 3D animation made to raise awareness on this current issue.

        My research paper on this topic shows how social media addiction may very well become the new drug addiction, as the ubiquity of social media applications continues to increase. Other research has found that the very same part of our brain that responds to drugs, also respond to interactions on social media, giving users a similar instant high. Furthermore, social media experts, as well as researchers, have also found that developers purposefully design their websites or applications to be addicting, in order to retain users. However, even with all of these warnings, society continues to deem social media as “progress”, without really considering its potential side effects. My work aims to draw light on this issue in a light, yet serious manner.

       Facebook: The Next Big Pharma was made in Cinema4D R20, and rendered with Octane Renderer v4.

       This was one of my first real projects with Cinema4D, which is a program I am currently learning on my own through YouTube tutorials. Most of my research in using this software came from internet searches based on problems I’ve run into.

        I've also gone and documented the process of the creation of this animation.

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