92 - Explorer AR Music Video 

          Made a music video for my Visual Music Experience class in May of 2018. This assignment had us explore current Augmented Reality applications on our phones. I used the application called World Brush to paint in the opening shot. I ran into a lot of issues implementing the AR footage, due to the low amount of frames captured by the Screen Record function on the iPhone. I also used a bit of rotoscoping for some of the frames in After Effects. I had a lot of fun working with Jeff (@jeffervesce) and shooting my first music video! This was one of my first times using After Effects and Premiere at the same time, and was the project that grew my interest in video production. 

Hyperlight - Sound Redesign

           I redesigned the diegetic sound of the short Youtube SciFi film "Hyperlight". I made some of the sounds using Serum, as well as processed a lot of sounds I've found online and repurposed them for this redesign project. Had a lot of fun redesigning this short film, even if it was only for 3 minutes. I wished I had the vocals to work with, but they had to be left out for the purpose of this project. 

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